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  Home > Chargers > Bantam e-Station BC5

Bantam e-Station BC5

Part No: ECHBC5
Bantam e-Station BC5

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Items Details
Weight: 0 kg, 441 grams
Status: Available

Promotion for Bantam e-Station BC5!
Stock available at both outlet.

Operating voltage: DC11~18volts,
NiCd/MH :1~14 cells,
Li-ion/polymer: 1~5 series,
Pb: 2~12V,
Charge current: 0.1 to 5.0A,
Cell balancer: up to 5 series LiPo,
Weight: 350g,
Dimension: 130x90x28 mm.

Micro-processor controllerd charger with cell-balancer
- BC-5 has the individual voltage balancer that is exactly
   identical with PB-5 for Li-poly battery inside.
- BC-5 can charge Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Pb batteries too
   but it does not have discharge function.

Perfect balancing the Lithium batteries
- It monitors the voltage of each cell during the charge
   process to equalize the peak voltage.
- When the "Balance charge" mode being performed, the
   balancing adapter should be connected to the balancing
   tab of battery pack, as well as the charger's charging
   lead should be connected to the output of battery pack.
   And also, please pay attention to the polarity of the
   battery pack's output which goes to the charger's output.
   If it is reversed, the short-circuit can be happened on the 
   battery pack.

Individual cell connectors for various type of Li-poly battery pack
- BC-5 comes with a set of individual cell connectors to
   link with various type of Li-poly battery pack.

Temperature sensor
- The processor monitors the temperature of the battery
   being charged during the process. For safety reason, the
   charger can stop the process at high temperature by your
   set up.

Back-light LCD screen
- You can adjust the brightness of LCD display.

Robust outer aluminum case
- High quality aluminumcase is durable and very efficient to
  cool out the internal heat.


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