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  Home > Radios > Futaba 4PK - 2.4G w/ R604FS

Futaba 4PK - 2.4G w/ R604FS

Part No: FUT-FP4PK
Futaba 4PK - 2.4G w/ R604FS

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Items Details
Weight: 2 kg, 610 grams
Status: Unavailable

Description :
- The design goes beyond stylish; the 4PK is also very well-balanced and ergonomic. The transmitter weighs only 1.5 pounds, which racers will appreciate at the end of a long, grueling main, and you can also position the wheel and adjust the trigger location to perfectly fit your hand and your type of driving.
- While driving, you'll enjoy performance pluses such as built-in 40-model memory, 10-character naming and super-sensitive 2048 resolution, to name just a few. Because the 4PK was designed as a native 2.4GHz spread spectrum system, there's no need for a separate module to worry about, a state-of-the-art receiver is included, and all of the incredible benefits of Futaba's FASST system technology are at your command.

Feature :
> MC Link Function
> Backlit 128x64 LCD Screen
> Tilt or Swivel Steering
> Adjustable Trigger Position
> Switchable for Right and Left-hand Use
> Jog Switch Key Panel
> Vibrationg Alert System
> 7 Color LED
> 5 Point Throttle Curve
> Mechanical ATL
> Advanced Braking System (ABS)
> Throttle Acceleration
> Throttle Pre-Set
> Throttle Auto-Start
> Fail Safe
> Programmable Mixing
> 40 Model Memory
> 10 Character Model Name

Specification :
Transmitter model : T4PK
- Transmitting frequency : 2.4GHz
- Recevier model : R604FS
- Receiver frequency : 2.4Hz
- Modulation : FASST
- Dimension : 39 x 26 x 14 mm
- Weight : 14g 
  * Volumetric weight = 2kg,610g.
    (The volumetric weight is applied to determine 
      the shipping cost which is calculated base on  
      the parcel size.)

Package included :
* 4PK-2.4G Transmitting (1 Pc)
* R604FS Receiver (1 Pc)
* Transmitting Ni-MH Battery Pack (Installed in
   Transmitting) (1 Pc)
* Receiver Switch (1 Pc)
* Wheel Offset Adapter (1 Pc)
* Hook (1 Pc)
* 230V 2 Pin Charger (1 Pc)
* Instruction (1 Pc)



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