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  Home > Other Electronics > Alex Racing Hakarunjer Lap Counter System (Black)

Alex Racing Hakarunjer Lap Counter System (Black)

Part No: AR-1000-BK
Alex Racing Hakarunjer Lap Counter System (Black)

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Items Details
Weight: 0 kg, 270 grams
Status: Unavailable

To become a scene in races, this is the most essential training item.

It records the data of circumference velocity at the average time and the total time. A record of BEST-time, average, total time, number of laps of data.

a) Counting Time
This system is able lap times in 0.01sec units. However, an error of less than +/-0.02sec may occur in some cases described below:

  • Vehicle approach angle differences on the track.
    The Hakarunjer lap-counting unit (receiver) uses Infrared (IR) light to communicate with the vehicle(s) transmitting unit. If a vehicle passes the counting unit on a trajectory other than moderately paarallel (perpendicularly or at a slant along the track passing the receiver) an error may occur.
  • Environmental influences.
    If the system detects an infrared ray in the ambient sunlight; or. when multiple vechicles using the system pass the counting unit (receiver) at the same time, the system may try to read a vehicle's ID number again (or the system may fail to detect a vehicle's IR signal). Also, IR reflections may cause detection errors.

    b) The Number Of Rounds
    The system memory can hold lap times of up to 60 rounds after the system is powered down.

    c) Measuring Time
    The system can measure lap times of up to 11 minutes (655.35 seconds).

    d) The Lap Time Indications:
    The counting unit has a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The LCD will display such lap time information as listed below:

  • The best lap -- after a run and return to the pit.
  • Every lap time per round while turning laps.
  • The passage of the after a start.

    e)The confirming sound
    The counting unit (receiver) has a built-in buzzer. During operation and when a vehicle passes the receiver, the buzzer will sound off with a pi-pi. If a current laptime is faster than your target time, the buzzer will sound off with a pilo-pilo-pilo. You can roughly determine lap time progress audibly during operation with these function.

    f)Minimum Lap Time Intervals
    The system can be set up for minimum lap time of 5 seconds to 30 seconds to minimize a faail to detect error or a possible double detection. For instance, accidental vehicle spins near the receiving unit.

    g)Start methods include two different modes:

  • Stagger: When a vehicle passes the receiver on a running start, the counter will start timing automatically.
  • Count Down Signal Start: The unit will sound the buzzer for every second, sound off with a louder pi-pi-0pi-piii during the last seconds, then start the counter, for a standing start as in the usual finals.

    h)The Receiver Distance

  • In-door track locations: approximately 10 meters (32 feet).
  • Out-door track locations: approximately 5 meters (16 feet) under direct sunlight.

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